Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Cover Photo

So, I just thought I should give the story behind my lovely cover photo that sits at the top of my blog.

The photo was taken when I was in Montreal over this summer past, and the whole reason we were there is in the photo. It was taken on U2 (the band) last night in Montreal. and if you know anything about Montreal they all say you haven't seen a concert till you've seen one in Montreal. The whole place was rocking there, even though we were up in the stands rather then sitting we were all standing and dancing and singing along with 48 000 other people. And all night long I tried and tried to get some good shots of the band. Then this magical moment came. Bono (lead singing) came around to the side of the stage I was sitting on and sang to us. At the perfect time I snapped the shot and got Bono standing at center stage looking right up to us with also the veiw of him on the screan.

            And thats the story behind my perfect shot. Comment and let me know what you think of the shot or your own perfect shot story.

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